Vibrational Essences

The first essences developed were made from flowers, flower essences were used by the Australian aborigine, native Americans and Egyptians several thousand years ago. In the west however, flower essences were rediscovered only in the 1920’s with the findings of Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath. Today numerous companies manufacture essences from a variety of sources. An essence can be made from almost anything as everything in life has a vibrational frequency.

What are Vibrational Essences?

Essences are liquid preparations which work on the body, mind and spirit and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the object it is being prepared from.
The object is placed in a bowl of water, and is then infused outside in the sun or sometimes for some essences the moon, to release the vibrational energy. After transfer of energy (infusion) the concentrated essence is put in a bottle containing alcohol for preserving. To make a stock bottle a few drops are placed in another bottle containing alcohol, and generally spring water, or for environmental essences, water from the region.
Essences aim to treat the whole person rather than merely the symptoms of disease. The basic principle in using essences, is that every illness, whether mental or physical, stems from an internal emotional imbalance that can be treated by nature.

What can they treat?

Essences are used to treat many emotional and physical ailments and are safe for all ages, including babies and children. Essences are usually taken orally, as drops placed under the tongue, but can also be added into creams and lotions, oils and bath water. Some essences have been designed to be used more symbolically, such as simply passing them through the auric field, so as to directly change the individual’s vibrational energy.

Antarctic and Environmental Essences

The Antarctic Essences were developed by Rebecca Defina, while visiting the Antarctic Peninsula in 1992, a place of surreal beauty, abounding with wildlife. These environmental essences, prepared in Antarctica, contain unique vibrational healing qualities from this region. Antarctica has immense space, purity and stillness and this is reflected in the use of these essences, where they help to connect us to these same qualities within ourselves. Rebecca more recently developed Environmental Essences from Australia and New Zealand, which particularly address imbalance associated with the rapidly changing vibrational energy present at this time in evolution.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

The Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by Naturopath and Homoeopath Ian White. Ian grew up in the bush and was taught from a young age the power of Australian plants. Australia, as well as being the first continent, has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants. It is one of the most unpopulated countries, and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. The Australian Bush Flower Essences tap into this power, strength and vitality and for this reason the remedies are unique, fast acting and successfully used world-wide. There are 62 specific essences in the range which treat almost all emotional states.

Australian Gem Essences

Aileen Dawson, a registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, has developed the Australian Gem Essences range since 1987. The A.G.E Essences now include Angel, Egyptian, Vitality and Rose Essences as well as Practitioner’s Gem and Crystal Healing Essences and an Australis Sea Zone range. The Australian Gem Essences have a growing popularity around the world and are available in America, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Holland and Denmark as well as throughout Australia.

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach flower remedies consist of 38 fresh plant preparations discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a famous physician who practiced for over 20 years in London as a Harley St. consultant and bacteriologist. While walking in the country, the doctor notice that he felt drawn to certain herbs and flowers, and wondered if these plants might hold the answer to questions that he had posed in relation to the relationship between physical health and emotional health. In 1930, he gave up a lucrative medical practise to devote his full time to finding and perfecting these remedies. The concept behind the Bach Flower Remedies is the restoration to the sick and ailing of the vitality, energy and hope, which are necessary for recovery.

FES Flower Essences

FES Quintessentials are produced by Flower Essence Services in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, which is the ideal location for preparing the pure and potent plant products which are sent to customers all over the world. These essences are made from a variety of flowers, which are hand picked in the peak of blossom and then placed in a bowl of pure local water, to be infused with the morning sun. There are 103 best known remedies, used for many years by practitioners all over the world, to ease mental and emotional problems with resulting benefits for physical health.

Himalayan Flower Enhancers

The Himalayan Flower Enhancers were originally developed in 1990 in a remote valley of the Indian Himalayans. They are known as ‘enhancers’ rather than remedies as the work not on what is wrong, but enhancing what is right. Using their vibrational frequency on particular parts of the body, the enhancers are able to dispel any ‘blocks’ or stored negativity. The Himalayan Flower Enhancers are made from flowers growing at around 3000 metres, and have a particularly strong life force and vibrancy due to their remote, untouched location. The Himalayan Mountains are also traditionally the lands of the Buddhas, with many Sages attaining their enlightenment in these mountains, making the Himalayan Flower Enhancers particularly supportive for meditation.