Spinal Network Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) was developed and pioneered in the 1980’s by Donald Epstein DC, in the United States. Originally developed as a Chiropractic technique of subluxation classification, analysis and gentle minimal pressure adjustment application. NSA has evolved into a system facilitating healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, to promote greater quality of life and wellness.

What is Spinal Network Analysis?

NSA incorporates gentle, minimal contact, entrainments to various points along the neck and spine. Unlike traditional chiropractic it doesn’t utilize the sharp, angular and often uncomfortable adjustments many associate with chiropractic care. A far greater level of healing and wellness is achieved by releasing blockages, stresses and/or trauma locked in the Nervous System. The nervous system is the information highway providing neural pathways by which our mind and body communicate. Gentle contacts to the neck and/or spine encourage the nervous system to release these blockages, stresses and/or traumas allowing you to develop more effective strategies for releasing the very patterns or behaviour, causing the illness. This empowers you to make better lifestyle choices, which create a greater feeling of wellness not just the localised treatment of symptoms. NSA allows you to take control of your healing and wellness through a greater awareness of choices.

What can Spinal Network Analysis with help?

When a person encounters stress or trauma, be it physical or emotional you create a block to shield the pain. While this removes the initial pain, memory of the stress or trauma remains locked in the body’s cells. The blockage also prevents the nervous system from communicating effectively with that part of the body creating limitations. The body then creates a pattern to hold the blockage in place. This tension causes misalignments (subluxations) to occur along the spine as a result. NSA assists the nervous system in releasing the tension holding the pattern in place. Entrainments encourage the nervous system to develop an awareness of the pattern, so it can develop new strategies to release the tension or blockage. Since nearly everyone has encountered some form of stress or trauma people from all age groups can benefit from NSA, including those with Osteoporosis.

How is it used?

A person attending their first appointment will be asked about their history and lifestyle. An examination is performed to check posture and spinal subluxations. X-ray may be taken to give the practitioner a clearer picture of any subluxations. The entrainment consists of the patient lying face down on a table. The practitioner gently feels down the neck and spine. When Spinal Chord tension is found, a gentle contact is taken to help the brain find the body, so it can develop a strategy to help the body adapt to life’s changes.

Choosing a Practitioner

NSA is specialist degree achieved after 5 years of university education. It is newly introduced into Queensland. Practioners are now available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.
Contact: Malcolm Ritchie (Qld NSA representive) on 07 5527-5737 for your nearest practitioner.