Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing is a profound system of healing and self-discovery based on the most fundamental principals of life: rhythm and water.

Like any true healing, Holistic Pulsing is not based merely on a technique; it also incorporates certain essential ingredients, which render it truly holistic – meaning, Holistic Pulsing treats the body as whole; similarly it treats the person as a whole, healing body, emotions, mind, spirit and all that we are.


How does Holistic Pulsing work?

Pulsing is a movement-based passive bodywork, which is deeply relaxing, highly enjoyable and can take you deeply within yourself. Rhythmic rocking sends ripples flowing through the whole body enlivening the system on all levels. The Central Nervous System responds to pleasure rather then pain, so the gentle hypnotic rhythmic rocking motion percolates through, relaxing the whole body completely.

Movements of rocking, stretching, lifting, jiggling, shaking, rotating and swinging are applied within a matrix of soft and constant rhythmic rocking of which no effort is required or demanded of the person on the table, also known as the Pulsee.  Holistic Pulsing is non intrusive and applied to a fully clothed person either in a prone, supine or side lying position depending on your preference.

What does Holistic Pulsing Treat?

Holistic Pulsing and Backaches

Holistic Pulsing can assist with most problems, but if you suffer from severe back pain it is best to seek the services of a osteopath or chiropractor. Holistic Pulsing can assist in easing pain by its gentle pulsating movements. But please advise your therapist at your time of booking to address concerns.

Holistic Pulsing and Depression / Anxiety / Emotional Issues

Every time we have been hurt physically or psychologically an energetic block is produced which can be held in different parts of our body. This is like armour designed by both our mind and our body to protect us from getting hurt again. With Pulsing these blockages can be released, the client can begin to feel immensely unburdened and can gain many insights into themselves – self-empowerment and transformation one of the main essentials of Holistic Pulsing.

Holistic Pulsing and Arthritis

The gentle rhythmic rocking motion assists help to oxygenate the body and increase feelings of aliveness and wellbeing in a gentle and non-invasive way. It also helps in lubricating joints and muscles surrounding the area being pulsed, resulting in a lessening of pain and tension, increasing vitality and aliveness.

Holistic Pulsing and Stress

The constant rocking motion of Holistic Pulsing calms the Central Nervous System providing tremendous benefits for those who need deep relaxation from stress.

Holistic Pulsing and Trauma & Shock

Holistic Pulsing is very nurturing particularly for those who are upset, suffering shock caused by accidents and even as a therapy to be used to assist in drug withdrawal or depression

Is Holistic Pulsing safe during pregnancy?

Holistic Pulsing helps disperse congestion and oedema (water retention), and it is most useful and valuable during pregnancy. Applied in the side lying position the effect is beneficial and calming for both mum and bub.

Is Holistic Pulsing safe for children?

Young children respond to Holistic Pulsing with great ease and speed – they just soak it up, it alleviates tantrum states, along with their physical discomforts, great too when settling down of an evening if applied by mum or dad. Children also don’t require as much pulsing as an adult.

Safety Tips

Holistic Pulsing has no known side effects but as with any massage therapy or treatment, there are situations where it is advisable to be cautious. Please check with your therapist at the time of booking your treatment.

For further information go to www.holisticpulsing.webs.com or email holisticpulsingqld@y7mail.com