The Magic Of Numerology – Autumn 2012

Numerology is a powerful tool when it comes to unravelling some of the mysteries that arise as a result of life experiences, or as a way of understanding the blueprint we were born with.  Like any blueprint it forms a guide, or an outline of what is possible to be built using the resources (the numbers) present in our day of birth and the letters of our birth name.  Many people change their names for various reasons, how that change affects our life experience will depend on how deeply we embrace the change.  What I mean here is everything in the known universe has a frequency or a vibration associated with it, therefore if we as an individual are out of alignment with certain aspects of ourselves then everything around us will reflect that back to us.  Awareness is often all we need.
Each day of the year has its own vibrational frequency which we can use to our advantage simply through understanding the dynamics between numbers.  Another valuable aspect to this is what we call Temporary Vibrations or Personal Year Vibrations.  Through using this aspect of Numerology we can see the advantages or opportunities that are possible, plus become more aware of the challenges that can arise in any given period.


March, April and May 2012

MARCH 2012March is a 3 month which stimulates the mind. Here the energy is lighter more spontaneous, more social. A time to perhaps communicate your thoughts to others or put pen to paper as we play with ideas or words. A time of formulating plans or ideas. This can be a month of short trips, often totally unplanned. You may find yourself speaking or communicating to different people from many different backgrounds that you may have not always felt comfortable with. Here the words flow more easily for that pressure to perform is not fully activated.
APRIL 2012Being a 4 month the emphasis here changes from social to the actual doing of the work. The 4 maintains all that has been previously foundated. It is the number of practical application, of following a set of guidelines through ensuring everything runs to a plan or a time schedule. The number 4 can over burden itself with simply too much to do and not enough time with which to complete all it has set out to do. Our physical bodies can be effected as we strive to go that little bit harder to demonstrate what needs to be done next. Delegation is the 4 month’s saving grace. There is also simply the words - no I already have enough to do I cannot possibly take on more!
MAY 2012Relating to the heart, the 5 can really stir the emotions into action depending on the life experience or circumstances. The 5 often feels freer after the burdens of the previous month and so seeks to splash out more. The 5 is a number of consideration and contemplation especially when it comes to love and really evaluating where you wish to put your attention. Deeper aspects of us can be stirred up during this time for much depends on our level of awareness in relation to what we have put our energy into over the previous 4 months and what the results have been.The 5 can be a month of change, for the heart feels the need to change and until those changes are made the heart can feel wrestles.
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