Have You Heard About Liquid Crystals?

This powerful vibrational remedy has become available to us in recent times, sourced from the mineral kingdom to provide balance, health and spiritual attainment.

The Liquid Crystals are a truly remarkable holistic representation of metals, minerals and crystals, which can be administered internally in a liquid dose formula retaining ALL of the stones energy.

Over time we have enjoyed the beautiful energies of many stones, becoming aware of their healing properties, obtaining maximum effect by carrying them in contact with our skin on the physical body. These stones most beneficial properties are within it, but not in its energy field. The internal geometric structure has never been fully absorbed in any other essence or liquid formula until now!

Over a 15 year period a naturopath by the name of Justine Moikeha channelled this complex process using sacred geometry, alchemy and universal energy. Today it has become a world wide source of healing for spiritual, emotional and mental healing, hence bringing physical balance. The Liquid Crystals are change facilitators giving direct internal contact with mineral healing energies, which allows realization and healing on many levels.

Remarkably it has been brought to humanity at this time, through the physical geometric structure and crystal programming being retained in liquid form, not only in a dose bottle but importantly within the human body. This remedy is the most potent form of crystalline energy on earth, utilizing the healing energy of water, which magnifies the affects of the remedy.

There is a range of 77 single remedies available, each Liquid Crystal seeks out the aspects of you which is in conflict with its vibration and simple purpose to humanity, and then goes about removing that which is not aligned.

“A problem is only a problem while it is within our awareness”

Gai Allenhas been a practitioner of these remedies for several years and combines her own abilities to work with these devic energies. Gai has been guided to bring a natural element of healing to her work, with the healing vibrations of colour, animal spirit guides and many other aspects available to everyone from the spiritual powers of nature. These elements come together within a reading to provide an interpretation of a client’s life at that time, offering healing and guidance where needed. Below is a simple example of how these elements work together in service to bring teaching and healing to us:

  • Zircon: This crystal interacts with more people than any other in a single day, mined to form silicon chips, the foundation of computers. Better known in the devic realm as Hyacinth is the leading stone of life change, when administered in liquid form it provides us with the foresight to create action in life. Helping us to move on and move forward. Enhances intuition which leads to enlightenment, Zircon an old world stone which is grounding, cleansing the mind where you may have been feeling trapped in the past. Often we struggle to move forward through fears or attachments. Zircon instils trust in self hence embracing forward movement and change.
  • Colour Red: when Gai is guided to work with this colour it shows that there is a need to make necessary change somewhere in a person’s life and this is the perfect colour for the job. The vibration of red is very grounding as it energises the physical, yet on a soul aspect it is the colour of birth and new beginnings.
  • Spider: When this vibration is activated within the energy field, spider embodies the unlimited possibilities within life, working beautifully with Zircon. It has been known over time as the ‘dream weaver’. It instructs us to accept responsibility for what happens in our lives. The spider promotes creativity and assists us in weaving our own fate.

Activating and healing with these vibrational energies promotes wellbeing on many levels. We are all vibrational beings looking to stay in alignment to the course of our true journey, accompanied by the simple pleasures of Joy and Love!

For identification and healing with your elements and minerals here to assist  you; contact Gai at www.elements4theheart.com.au . Gai works with spiritual guidance to personalise remedies and to heal with any vibrational elements around you in spirit form. This work is prepared in advance, therefore making it accessible to people interstate via mail order. Combination sets also available for purchase!

“Nothing is created outside until it is created inside first”

Written by Gai Allen – Liquid Crystal practitioner & healer.


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