2013 Rates and Deadline

2013 Rates and Deadlines


Contributor Guidelines

White Light Magazine was founded fifteen years ago to provide an unbiased and open forum for ideas, spiritual guidance and healing. With this understanding we are happy to offer you the unique service of advertising your products or services along with an editorial space to provide further information to our readers. However, please understand that editorial space is given under the provision of our guidelines, and the editor remains at liberty to edit for brevity, clarity and bias.

Our mission is to provide a forum for light, healing and spiritual growth and as such we ask that your editorials not only explain your products/services, but also gift the reader with some wisdom. Without this gift your editorial is merely an “advertorial” in other words, a thinly veiled advertisement aimed just at selling.

Whilst we understand you are in business, we must always keep in mind that it is the dissemination of light-filled exchanges that keeps the abundance flowing in and through our lives.

Here are some very simply guidelines to help you write clearly and interestingly about your products/services.

  1. Introduce yourself: people want to know about people. If you are a healer now in practice, explain your “dark days” or challenging experiences. Readers will be able to relate to you as a ‘real live” person who understands the journey.
  2. Watch your tone: Yes, you know a lot, but make sure you don’t sound like your are talking down to us “mere mortals.”
  3. Don’t make extreme claims: Yes, you have had amazing results, but sometimes people take this as a “one size fits all” cure. We all know that for some of us, the journey requires certain experiences. So explain two or three scenarios to help the reader understand the journey.
  4. Make it clear: within the first paragraph, what you are about: for example, “ten years ago I was in a terrible car accident, and although my recovery has been challenging, I have now discovered ways to help me focus on my own healing. Perhaps these methods could help you….” The reader immediately knows this article is about healing, particularly after trauma, and, most importantly there are answers out there. In the next paragraph introduce yourself, and then give a gift. This means some little pearl of wisdom that encourages the reader to not only try your services, but to continue to support the alternative health movement.
  5. Educate: Do not assume your reader knows what “energy” healing is, or even well known modalities such as Reiki. Again, this could be your little “pearl” that you gift to the reader.
  6. Keep your focus on the light: Yes, I know you want to warn people against this or that, but by focusing on the light, you automatically steer people away from the dark.
  7. Don’t criticise others: Even little oblique references to the “strange” goings on of a certain healer or therapist simply reflects badly on you, your business and your own integrity.
  8. Everyone has their path to follow and even if we do nothing, the light will always shine away the darkness. There are enough magazines/newspapers focusing on the dark out there, remember you are writing for WHITE LIGHT magazine!  Decide on the focus of your article and stick to it. Do not go off on tangents (that’s my job!) Readers will give up if after two or three paragraphs you are not sticking to your subject matter. Yes, I could edit it, but I would rather you pull your ideas together.
  9. Make your articles fun: don’t take it too seriously, but be serious! People want to learn, but they also want to be entertained. Include amusing anecdotes to illustrate and inform the reader.
  10. Don’t make it sound too hard (even if it is hard) This puts the reader off. They may need months of therapy, but let them understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, “after ten years of meditation, I suddenly had a breakthrough” might be accurate, but it is pretty daunting to a beginner.
  11. You are here to serve your reader: Yes, you want people to know about you and your business, but what do they want to know? Ask your friends and clients what puzzles/intrigues them the most about the work you do and address that.
  12. Remind your reader that they are already on their spiritual journey and always be encouraging.

I look forward to your contributions.  Please contact me if you require further clarification, but as you all know, by following your heart and keeping your focus, you will reach those who need you.


Advertising Deadlines – 2012

Autumn 2012 Edition – Editorial & Advertising Deadline is 1st Feb 2012
Published early March

Winter 2012 Edition – Editorial & Advertising Deadline is 1st May 2012
Published early June

Spring 2012 Edition – Editorial & Advertising Deadline is 1st Aug 2012
Published early September

Summer 2012 Edition – Editorial & Advertising Deadline is 1st Nov 2012
Published early December


Supply of Text, Images and Artwork

White Light Magazine is quarterly (we align to the seasons) and all material is to be supplied as follows:

  • Pure text to be supplied in word document
  • Do not format
  • No publisher files
  • Do not convert word documents into pdf
  • Do not compress photos
  • Photos must be high resolution
  • Logos supplied as pdf or jpeg


Errors and Omissions

While every care is taken with the advertising and copy, “White Light” cannot be held responsible for errors or their effects. Positioning of classified and display advertisements cannot be guaranteed.

“White Light” reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, rewrite or reclassify advertisements for any reason. The Editor at all times reserves the right to edit or omit news copy or letters submitted for publication.

The opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily shared by the Editor or Publishers of “White Light.” Submissions of articles, poems, writings, artwork and photos are most welcome.

“White Light” will not be held responsible for loss or damage of these unsolicited submissions.