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Popular Pages – Spiritualism

Spiritualism is a Philosophy, Science and Religion, based on the belief of the continuous existence of the Spirit or Soul after death, and the ability to communicate with them.

The majority of Spiritualists are people who at some time were part of an orthodox religion discovering that the knowledge presented was very limited leaving many incomplete answers to questions.

Popular Pages – Paganism Facts

Wow, so much confusion about one simple word. Okay, here is the result of my personal research into the subject. Take it as you wish.

When it comes to Pagans there is no one unifying distinctive doctrine, system, or theory. There are over 2500 different religions, theosophies, and belief systems, as well as a variety of individual practices that are classed as being Pagan. Which is why people get the idea that there are no rules to being a Pagan.

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The 2017/2018 Summer Edition of White Light Magazine is out!

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Whitelight Expos

The White Light Psychic & Alternate Health Expos have been set up to encourage the community to embrace Alternate Health. People can come to any of our FREE Expos throughout South East Queensland and avail themselves of the knowledge and wonderment that these complimentary modalities hold.

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We wish to offer to you the reader, a publication which is credible, ethical and educational..

White Light A Universal Publication. Articles that appear have a truly universal flavour. Certainly there are those pertaining to events locally. The content of the magazine has evolved and a much wider range of articles are now being offered. This will naturally continue to expand as it is meant to.
We know that all will benefit by understanding what it is that we are imparting to the masses.With the informative articles that we are given, describing various people,modalities, workshops etc. there will always be something for everyone in our publication.